Brand mission

Since the inception of Pol-Hun and the establishment of the General Fresh brand, we have focused on relationships, quality and innovation


– because only together we can do everything.

A family business – in our case, this is not just an advertising slogan.
Whole families work at Pol-Hun. You can easily find people in our team who have been with us for 20 years and more.


– because only this can and does translate into customer loyalty.

We cannot afford to make compromises. Our own analytical and product laboratory and extensive quality department are the guardians of the highest standards, which are appreciated not only by the recipients of the General Fresh brand products, but also by the recipients of private labels all over the world.


because only they will allow us to keep up with the latest trends and customer expectations,

not only in Poland, but also across Europe.


– in both machinery and production and storage facilities

translate into the capability of fulfilling the largest production orders in our industry.