Pol-Hun and its main product brand General Fresh are ready-made product solutions that will fit into any store format, any income level, any flat, house or office.

For easier navigation within our broad product range,
we have divided General Fresh products into brands:

Pol-Hun and General Fresh are not just a ready-made product range.

As a company, we are fully flexible and open to any possible cooperation.

We have:

  • Extrusion, thermoforming, plastic processing machines
  • One of Europe’s largest production facilities for the manufacture of toilet rim blocks
  • A state-of-the-art line for the production of liquids and gels
  • 6-storey warehouse
  • Own analytical and product laboratory
  • Own logistics

This allows us to offer:

  • Sale of finished products, private label production
  • Sale of semi-finished products (bottles, corks, cartons, raw materials)
  • Development of product recipes
  • Graphic designs
  • Production picking and packing
  • Transport
  • Possibility of using sales structure

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