General Fresh-Bathroom Cleaner – Clean Bathroom-Splash

“Shining Bathroom” Spray Splash is a modern detergent that effectively cleans the shower cabin, faucets, mirrors or tiles. It removes soap residue, limescale and rust, providing a pristine cleanliness for a long time. It leaves the bathroom fragrant, clean and sparkling. Note the handy, economical packaging that is convenient to use.

An indispensable bathroom cleaning product! The unique “Shining Bathroom” Spray effortlessly removes any dirt from shower cabins, tiles and even mirrors or faucets. The handy packaging makes it extremely easy to use, while the substances it contains can deal with any stain in no time. Even if you only have a few minutes to clean your bathroom, Shining Bathroom Splash Cleaning Spray is certainly up to the task! What’s more, the product leaves your bathroom not only impeccably clean, but also beautifully scented. Rust, limescale and soap residue don’t stand a chance against it! The spray is also very efficient – one pack of the product will last for a really long time! Cleaning and washing your bathroom have never been so easy.

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