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Projekt bez nazwy (28)

General Fresh-Dishwasher Salt-Brilly

General Fresh Dishwasher Salt is a must-have product to complete the dishwasher cycle. The specialised composition of dishwasher salt perfectly softens the water that is used for the washing process. By using salt, not only do we change the properties of the water, saving the dishwasher from damage, but we also support the washing cycle. By washing dishes with the use dishwasher salt, never again will you see any streaks or smears on your dishes.

Dishwasher salt, with its coarse texture, is the guardian of your dishwasher. It protects your dishwasher from limescale deposits and the resulting frequent breakdowns. By keeping all the parts of your dishwasher clean, such as the nozzles and filters, you help your dishwasher maintain its high cleaning quality. If you also believe that a clean dishwasher means clean dishes, then purchasing dishwasher salt is the perfect decision.

Looking for an effective rinse aid for your dishwasher? Try General Fresh Brilly Rinse Aid.

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