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Projekt bez nazwy (43)

General Fresh-Mini Spray – Three senses-Arola 

General Fresh Mini Spray is an air freshener useful in any home, office or car. Designed to effectively eliminate unpleasant odours by spreading a pleasant scent of essential oils. To use, press the spray lever. A gentle mist will emerge from the container. It only takes a moment before the fragrance spreads throughout the room. The packaging has been designed to take up little space and, at the same time, to blend in with the room decor, discreetly concealing its presence.


The Mini Spray is the perfect way to quickly freshen the air in your home or car. Easy to use and efficient, it will instantly eliminate unpleasant odours and allow you to enjoy a long-lasting, fresh aroma.


Three Senses Mini Spray is a mix of 3 fragrances:


  • floral fragrance,
  • citrus fragrance,
  • green tea fragrance.


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