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Projekt bez nazwy (51)

General Fresh-Refrigerator Odour Absorber-Arola

General Fresh Magic Cool Fridge Odour Absorber puts an end to the nightmare of unpleasant odours that may be coming from this essential domestic appliance. Prepared with your safety and convenience in mind, it can be used in any type of fridge. The Odour Absorber absorbs the odours that food products may give off and traps them. This ensures that each dish smells of its own aroma. Instead of packing unpleasant smelling food in bin bags, all you need is a General Fresh Magic Cool Odour Absorber in your fridge.

Our brand stands for household chemistry at the best price! Try the other products in this category: Odour Absorber for Waste Bins and Odour Absorber for Shoe Cabinets.

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